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Branch 100 Telephone – 613 – 475 – 1044

LOOKING FOR… Webmaster or WordPress user for Branch to take over website… Please Contact Duane at legionbrighton@gmail.com

Hello Comrades.. We managed to have a full Colour Party for our Remembrance Day Service but unfortunately at this point we do not have an actual dedicated Colour Party. Our Colour Party is a important part of the Branch. It represents the Branch in public settings such as Parades, community functions, functions with other RCL Branches and funerals. A lot of our Older Members are no longer capable of enduring the longer Parades like Apple Fest and the Santa Clause Parade. At this point our Branch may not be able to field a Colour Party for the Santa Clause parade this year and I think that would be a shame

I’m am looking for some dedicated volunteers that would be willing to come to together to insure that Our Branch has a functioning Colour Party that can be called upon by the Branch when needed.

My contact information is
Cell: 647-638-7738
Email: sparkscooltech@hotmail.com

If you are interested and physically capable of parading. Please contact me. Experience is not needed. We can learn together. What you will need is a Legion uniform. Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully
Jeramy Sparks
Sgt at Arms
RCL Branch 100

Hello Comrades the branch is looking for Volunteer Bartenders to work a 4 hour shift, Smart Serve certificate is required. Contact Bar Chair – Roy Flieger at the branch – 613-475-1044

Our Branch Needs Volunteer’s to help in many areas, we have many active members in our branch and are hoping for volunteer’s to help the executive in it’s determination to improve the buildings functionality for Veterans, Members and Seniors throughout the community. If you would like to volunteer for any of the items below just send a email to the branch with your name and what item # you would like to volunteer for and you will be contacted. Thank you for your support.

Building Repair Committee — Your branch needs support from its membership to assist your elected executive. Your executive is continually researching grants from federal, provincial and municipal sources which will improve the branch for accessibility, appearance and signage. We need a volunteer committee (3 persons +) to provide recommendations and priorities of repair and upgrades. Please send us an email and your service will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Comrades