Branch 100 – Ladies Auxiliary

In 1926 the first Ladies Auxiliary was formed. We have 247 auxiliaries intact & over 9,000 volunteer members sharing in Comradeship. Our volunteer hours are spent raising money to support our branch in anyway we can. We prepare & serve meals for all functions, Weddings, Funerals, Retirements, Sports, & pretty well anything that is asked of us. We donate thousands of dollars to the branch for our veterans, and community, including the food bank, charitable foundation, bursary foundation, the homeless, & we support our poppy campaign. We give to Sunny Brook, we give to the new organization for PTSD that uses trained dogs. We are a small auxiliary here in Brighton but we are mighty & united. If you are looking to give back to your veterans & your community, think about becoming a Ladies Auxiliary member today.

Contact me to join… new members welcomed….    Yours In Comradeship  — Sandra BrantSparks ….. L/A President  — 613-438-1444