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Written by A. B. Dixon, The Turning of the Tide is a novel set in Ottawa, Regina, and on the Western Front during WWI. The novel describes how the Canadian army was one of the worst Allied militaries at the commencement of the war but ended the war as one of the Allies finest militaries. How appallingly Canadian soldiers were treated as colonial soldiers and some of the most remarkable accomplishments by the Canadian Expeditionary Force are explained. The novel also describes the divide between French and English Canada that almost led to civil war and is a love story about two aristocrats, a French-Canadian man and a British Lady. The book can be purchased at all major bookstores and online, including Amazon.

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Brighton Branch 100 – Mural on North Wall

Branch 100 Comrade Bill Barber thanking Gerald Banting, retired ENSS Art Teacher who worked tirelessly over the last five months to restore the mural on the Branch 100 North wall.  Mr. Banting lead the design and painting of the original mural with his 1997 ENSS Art Class. Gerald holds a photo of his late father who was a WW2 RCAF Mosquito Fighter Pilot. 

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The free first year of Legion membership program has expanded eligibility to include family of Veterans

How to apply to the Veteran Family Welcome Program and the Veteran Welcome Program

Eligible Family Applicants can fill out an application form online: Click on the Links below

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Veteran Welcome Program.. To Print your own… Click Below

The History of the Royal Canadian Legion Abbreviated

Chapter 84 of the Statutes of Canada 1948, as amended by Chapter 86 of the Statutes of Canada 1951, by Chapter 72 of the Statutes of Canada 1959, by Chapter 83 of the Statutes of Canada 1961, by Chapter 112 of the Statutes of Canada 1975, by Chapter 47 of the Statutes of Canada 1977-78 and by the Statutes of Canada 1980-81.

May 17, 1927 – British Empire Service League (BESL) was formed and is the forerunner to the Royal Canadian Legion.

1948 – An act to incorporate the Royal Canadian Legion Chapter 84 of the Statutes of Canada 1948 this act received parliament approval and became law.

1959 – The name of the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League hereinafter called “The Legion”, is changed to The Canadian Legion,

1963 – The name of The Canadian Legion, hereinafter called “The Canadian  Legion” is changed to The Royal Canadian Legion, as it stands today.


To order  Veterans’ licence plates ”Do not go to the Ontario Service Centre”; “You must order them thru Dominion Command”. Any interested party, Click on Button, fill it out, print the form and mail it to Dominion Command the address is at the top right side of form with your $5.00 payment. They will confirm your status and mail the authorized form back to you and then take it to the Ontario Service Centre for receipt of your Veteran Plates

If you are a veteran or active Canadian Armed Forces member

Starting January 1, 2019, veterans and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces who reside in Ontario are able to enjoy free fishing across the province as a token of recognition for their service. In place of an Outdoors Card and recreational fishing licence, veterans and active members will be required to possess and carry one of the following pieces of identification to legally fish in Ontario:

  • Canadian Forces Identification Card (NDI 20);
  • Record of Service Card (NDI 75); or
  • Canadian Armed Forces Veteran’s Service Card (NDI 75).

In accordance with other deemed licences, veterans and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces will need to follow the seasons, quotas and limits associated with a sport fishing licence.

For more information on this initiative, please contact the Natural Resources Information and Support Centre at 1-800-387-7011.

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All Serving Military or Retired Veterans and RCMP are welcome to join “Free” for a year.. Explore the benefits, services & the camaraderie the Legion has to offer… at “No Cost”.. “Click On” Button Below to Start…

Branch Members are more than Welcome to put their business cards on the Community bulletin board in the legion for everyone to see.