This page updated – August 26, 2020

The major renovations are complete except for minor touch-ups both up and downstairs. A small group of our volunteer’s have saved the branch in excess of $50,000.00+ in labour costs. This is beyond significant and is true to the founding of this branch, as the veteran volunteers back in 1949 built the original building at no labour cost. We hope all members and the community enjoy the benefits of these changes and were not finished yet. These volunteer’s are to be commended on their work ethic and ingenuity in overcoming many major obstacles in these successful renovations.

The volunteer members and helpers are as follows:

Michael French, Jeramy Sparks, Jim Melvin, Duane Bach, Don Halcrow, Bill Barber, Shirley Bach, Astrida Chalmers, Yvonne Sparks, Sue Halcrow, Glenn Irving, Rose Massey, Roberta Irving, Wayne Massey, Josh Sparks, Jim Sherwood, Samantha Sparks

You’ll notice the newly painted parking lines at the branch with Disability spaces. Please use accordingly.

Comrade Sue Halcrow has painted and donated this beautiful picture of our local tree’s and water infused with a pod of poppies representing our legion. It is on permanent display in the Main Hall Entrance.